Current TAT is 7-14 Business Days! Most Stickers Ship in 24hrs! Email us for large order requests!

Policies & Procedures

Wild Orange Creations Policies 2022
Ordering - Turn Around Times - Pick Ups - Shipping - Payments
  • Ordering - We have monthly-bimonthly releases. Releases are generally on Thursday or Friday nights around 8:30pm CST. Watch the group for announcements & sneak peeks leading up to releases. See below for information on custom orders. We also release new products once a week - These are referred to as Weekly's.
  • How drops work - All drops will happen at
  • Turn around time (TAT) -  is 7-14 business days (not including weekends or holidays). This will change and vary depending on amount of orders, shipping times, and demand. Generally I am quicker than this, but please go by this for reference.
  • Shipping - Shipping options are shown at check out - please note that this is SHIPPING speed, not turn around time. I ship via USPS or UPS. Once I drop packages at the post office it is out of my hands, the post office is still recovering from the effects of the Covid Pandemic along with a lot of other things. I am not responsible once I have mailed your packages. Please have patience. Along with this - Please make sure you put the correct address when checking out. That is the address I will go off of and once it's mailed there is nothing I can do. Wild Orange will not refund or replace items that are sent to the wrong address due to the customer’s mistake.
  • Pickups - I offer local porch pick up in downtown Lincoln NE. I do not meet or deliver. If you select pick up you are responsible for picking up your items. If your items are not picked up within 3 weeks of being ready, they will be pulled back in and resold. If you need an extended pick up time - please email Pick up details are listed on your order receipt. This includes - the date your order will be ready, the times the pick up table is out, the address of pick ups. It is in your best interest to keep your receipt email, as I will no longer be responding to private messages to give my address. We do have a ring camera - please be honest and only pick up your package(s). Oftentimes I have a basket of snacks in front of the pick up basket for delivery people. Please leave these for the delivery people. They work really hard for me and this is my way of saying thank you to them.
  • Payment Methods - There are multiple ways to pay via the website. We offer Sezzle ($50 minimum), Shop Pay Installments, Shop Pay and accept all major credit cards. We do not accept cash, Venmo or other payments via the website.
Rush Orders - Custom Orders
  • Rush Orders - I do accept rush orders with a rush order fee. Orders needed within 2 weeks will have a $5 rush order fee. Orders needed inside a week will have a $10 rush order fee. To place a rush order please email Please understand that rush orders may need to be changed a bit from your vision, somethings just cannot and won’t be here within a week. I want to help you the best I can but it may require some flexibility!
  • Custom Orders -  I accept custom orders at all times. Custom orders may have higher prices than drop tees. Custom orders will now have a $5 design fee, you will get one free change, each change afterwards will be .50. The $5 fee will be applied whether the tee/tumblered is ordered or not. Please understand designing takes time and this is to protect my time. Custom orders must be made via email, to place a custom order please email Once your custom is approved by both you and I, you will use the custom listing on the website to order.
  • Returns - Absolutely no returns on custom orders. Returns on release tees will be subject only to defective items. My tees come from large warehouses all over the country and occasionally they come with a defect. Generally, I catch these before I start making, but I am human and miss things. If you have a defective tee, we will work together to get you a new one. Pictures will need to be provided. Please email to discuss this.
  • Refunds - Refunds will be very rare. These are all custom hand made items. I will always replace your item before offering a refund. If you need to discuss a refund or return please email
Reps & Rep Codes
  • Reps & Rep Code usage - Each term we will have reps, they may stay the same, they may change. There will be a Rep Search post that will run one week at the end of each term for new reps to apply. Please be respectful to our reps - they can answer questions or point you in the direction of my email to answer questions. Rep codes can be used on most things - it will be noted if they cannot be used - this will be at my discretion.
  • To contact about orders or pick ups - From here on out all contact for Wild Orange will be done via email unless I private message you first. The email to contact me is I will no longer resend my address for pick ups, please hold on to your invoice email until you pick up - all pick up information is on your invoice two different times. Any other contact including for custom orders will be done via email.
I appreciate all of my customers so much! These policies are in place to protect both myself & you! Thank you so much for shopping small and supporting our business!